Professional Services

Simplify. Standardize. Automate. Monitor.

At OpStack we believe in ITIL with automation.

Operational excellence starts with policies and procedures that provide for streamlined, efficient, and predictable deployment and management of both infrastructure and applications. If the needed procedures are already in place for your organization, the OpStack team will automate them. If policies and procedures are needed or require an update, we can deliver best-practice templates in a knowledge management framework to jumpstart the effort. The OpStack team has decades of experience working in regulated environments with systems held to published standards (NIST-800, HITRUST, PCI, et al). Our engagements bring ITIL process templates and a best-of-breed open technology stack to augment or upgrade whatever is already working well for our clients. We are committed to teaching as well as doing; technology transfer is a point of pride for the OpStack team.

Define Operational Baselines, Policies, and Procedures

OpStack works with your team in tailoring simplified ITIL-derived baseline processes and procedures to provide state-of-the-practice operational capabilities. These include:

These policies, procedures and baselines are delivered in an operations wiki as living documents. Training and organizational change management support services can be provided.

Architecting and Implementing Hybrid Clouds
On-Premise & Public Cloud (GCP, Azure, AWS, Oracle)

For organizations with physical servers in their own computer rooms, co-lo suites, or data centers, OpStack implementation and remediation services include:

Public Cloud - Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, AWS, Oracle

Whether your infrastructure is entirely in the cloud or a portion of your applications and capacity is in the cloud, there are still shared responsibilities when working with the cloud providers. A multi-cloud strategy, where making use of the proprietary operational and monitoring tools offered by each cloud provider would necessitate difficult duplicate and triplicate work. This makes having your own open operations automation platform an economic necessity. The OpStack Stack Builder methodology and related services add efficiency, standardization, and security to your IaaS and container-deployed cloud operations. These services include:

The benefits accrue immediately in a green-field build of your cloud infrastructure as well as in bringing control, efficiency, and security to existing cloud implementations.

Compliance and Security Operations

Security requirements need to be inherent to all system builds and operations — a prerequisite, not an afterthought. Cyber security teams, either working with the operations team or through their cyber operations function, have as much need of force-multiplication through automation as does any IT team.

OpStack services and deliverables for cyber security build on the offerings in the sections above, but focus on remediating outstanding vulnerabilities, improving compliance reporting, hardening of the technical estate, and automating incident response. These services include:

The ITIL with Automation approach to technology operations has ongoing payoffs for organizational security.